Hawaii Workers Compensation Mileage & Travel Reimbursement

We asked various questions regarding the Hawaii workers compensation mileage reimbursement processes:

Questions Asked & Answers Received

1. Is there a reimbursement for travel expenses? Car, taxi, bus, train, etc.
Yes, there is a reimbursement for travel expenses. Please refer to the link below HAR 12-10-25 Travel reimbursement.

2. What is the current workers comp mileage rate?
54 cents/mile

3. Is there a specific mileage reimbursement form?
No specific form

4. Where can I find the workers comp mileage reimbursement form?
Please refer to #3

5. How do I submit the mileage reimbursement form? What’s the process? Email/fax/mail?
Contact the insurance company if they accept email and fax other than mail.

6. How long does it generally take to receive your transportation reimbursement?
No timeframe. Contact insurance company directly for status.

7. What is the follow up process if my transportation reimbursement is not received?
Contact the insurance company. If no response, request a hearing by completing form WC-77 Request for Hearing. Here is the link http://labor.hawaii.gov/dcd/files/2013/01/WC-77A.pdf

Hawaii Workers Compensation Reimbursement Law
§12-10-25 Travel reimbursement. An employee who is required to obtain medical treatment shall use public conveyances whenever possible and shall be entitled to travel reimbursement. If the employee is unable to use public conveyances because of a physical condition, the nature of the injury, or geographical location, travel reimbursement by the most direct route shall be allowed. When such visits are made before or after work, or during working hours, only the excess miles outside of the normal route shall be allowed. Reimbursement for mileage shall be in accordance with Hawaii state government standards. [Eff: 4/30/81] (Auth: HRS §386-72) (Imp: HRS §386-21)

All State Reimbursement Forms Can be Found Here

Workers’ Compensation Reimbursement Forms

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Locate Your States Workers’ Compensation Agency

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