Montana Workers Comp Mileage Reimbursement

We asked various questions regarding the Montana workers compensation mileage reimbursement processes:

Questions Asked

1. Is there a reimbursement for travel expenses? Car, taxi, bus, train, etc.

2. What is the current mileage rate?

3. Is there a specific form?

4. Where can I find the form?

5. How do I submit the form, process? Email/fax/mail?

6. How long does it generally take to receive reimbursement?

7. What is the follow up process if reimbursement is not received?

Answer Received

Travel for some workers compensation travel is reimbursed. You would need to contact your adjustor to have her explain and to provide a form if necessary. I can provide links to the amount for travel reimbursement and the rules that govern travel reimbursement.

All State Reimbursement Forms Can be Found Here

Workers’ Compensation Reimbursement Forms

Above Answers Provided By

Maralyn Lytle
State of Montana
ERD/Administrative Officer
PH: 406-444-6604

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