RoadCash – Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works
Once RoadCash is installed it works in the background. During the onboarding process you will enter your doctors name and address. This sets a Geo-Reminder to log the doctors’ appointment when you arrive at their listed address. No buttons to press to start or stop. Your reimbursement is automatically logged and recorded creating a complete record of all your different reimbursable appointments. Simply submit your reimbursement at the click of a button. Then sit back, relax and wait for your check to arrive. It’s that simple!

Travel by Car
Travel by car is reimbursable on a per mile basis. The NY mileage rate follows the IRS mileage rate, which changes generally once per year and is based on oil prices. The rate for mileage reimbursement is set by the Chair of the New York State Workers’. The mileage rate for 2017 is $00.535 per mile. We provided a complete list of the prevailing mileage rates for each year below.

Travel by Taxi
Travel by taxi may be reimbursed if the injured worker has a receipt and letter of medical necessity from their doctor. If the injured worker doesn’t have a letter of medical necessity or receipt they can claim to be reimbursed per mile. This is the same manner an injured worker would be reimbursed if travel is by car.

***A Letter of Medical Necessity can be issued by a doctor to an injured worker after surgery, or in any special circumstance in which the injured workers’ medical conditions warrants the use of a taxi.

Travel by Subway
Travel by subway is reimbursed per fee ($2.75) each way. Round Trip Total = $5.50

Travel by Bus
Travel by bus is reimbursable as per the value listed on the receipt. Reimbursement by bus is not yet available through RoadCash.

What M&T expenses are NOT eligible for reimbursement?

Round trip mileage to hearings.
Round trip mileage to the pharmacy.
Round trip mileage to your attorney’s office.
Round trip mileage for out of state medical treatment not previously approved.
Round trip mileage to vocational rehabilitation programs.
Doctor appointments which do NOT have corresponding medical reports to show proof of attendance.
Any doctors’ appointment in which the corresponding medical bill has been denied by the carrier.
What is reimbursable?
Round trip mileage for medical treatment and evaluation. This includes trips to hospitals, doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, trips for medical tests (such as MRIs and x-rays) and trips to the insurance company’s doctor, also known as an Independent Medical Exam (IME).

How long does it take to get reimbursement?
The Transportation Reimbursement should be treated as a medical bill, therefore allowing insurance carriers 45 days for payment. Under WCL Section 54-B Judgments, the transportation reimbursement can be authorized by the Workers Compensation Board if not timely paid. If you have not been reimbursed after 45 days, you can file a RFA-1 Form requesting a hearing. Or simply contact an attorney by going to the “My Account” tab. RoadCash will connect you with an attorney for free!

Is there a penalty for not being reimbursed timely?
Yes, after filing a RFA-1 form you may go to a hearing. Don’t worry RoadCash has got your back. Just bring your RoadCash mileage log to the hearing and you will have all the information you need. If your doctor hasn’t submitted your medical bills to your insurance carrier, you will also want to get a printout of your appointments from your doctor’s office. After the hearing, if still not reimbursed by the carrier, the judge may issue the carrier to pay the transportation reimbursement and an additional $50 penalty.

When should I submit my M&T for reimbursement?
There is no deadline or time requirement to submit your reimbursement requests. You may submit such requests at any intervals that are convenient for you (such as monthly, quarterly, yearly or at the end of the case). In our experience, it is better to submit these requests every 2-3 months. RoadCash doesn’t allow users to submit their reimbursement until at least 1 month after their appointment. The 1-month lag allows time for your doctor to submit the medical bill and report to your insurance carrier.

Who do I submit my M&T requests to?
A copy of all transportation reimbursement requests go directly to the carrier, the Workers Compensation Board, the attorney (if applicable), and the user (you!). RoadCash is the easiest way to keep track of all reimbursement requests for your records. The user must include each parties email address, except for the Workers’ Compensation Board, to ensure proper submission.

Case Study: Derek Kaplan
Injured worker, Derek Kaplan, has suffered a sprain to his arm while lifting boxes. Derek’s doctors have wisely prescribed him with physical therapy, to be completed 3 times a week for an 8-week period. Derek lives 10 miles from his physical therapist and drives a car to his appointments.

2017 Mileage Rate: $00.535

Round-trip mileage for physical therapy: 10 (miles) x 2 (round trip) = 20 miles

Total Reimbursement per Visit: 20 miles’ x $00.535 (mileage rate) = $10.70

Total Reimbursement per Week: $10.70 x 3 visits = $32.10

Total Reimbursement After 8-weeks of Physical Therapy: $32.10 x 8 = $256.80

In Derek Kaplan’s case, 2 months of physical therapy (totaling 480 medical miles traveled) could mean a reimbursement of over $250!

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