RoadCash – Launching in New York

RoadCash Launches First Workers’ Compensation Travel Reimbursement App
The app will reimburse employees for any travel costs that result from work related injuries and health issues.

New York, USA, September 14 2017 – RoadCash, the first app helping workers to claim travel costs incurred due to work related injuries, today announces their global launch. The app aims to eliminate the paperwork that puts employees off from claiming reimbursement, to increase the likelihood of winning claims, and to raise awareness of the potential to claim reimbursement.

Should you break your leg at work, you may need to make countless hospital visits in using your car, public transportation or a taxi. The RoadCash app allows users to manually or automatically log their trips (for whatever mode of transport), calculates the reimbursement owed and submits the reimbursement information to insurance companies. All users have to do is punch in some basic information their own details, those of their insurance provider, and those of their travels – the rest is handled by the app.

“Many people give up on claiming compensation reimbursement due to the difficulty of gathering the right information and the length of the process”, said Chad D. Ehrlich, a Managing Member of RoadCash. “We are taking everything that’s paper or entails manual labour and we’re making that digital so that more people get the compensation they deserve”.

The best estimate – from the International Labor Organization’s 2005 report – is that of the 2.8 billion people in the global workforce, some 270 million suffer from serious non-fatal injuries and 160 million from work-related diseases. RoadCash aims to make sure that these workers know of the workers compensation programs available in 136 countries. It also wants to change the minds of those who are aware, but are often put off by the bureaucracy and the prospect of being denied a claim.

Many government industries allow reimbursement for various travel and medical expenses, but currently, a paper form must be submitted to each agency. And if Medical and Transportation forms are not executed properly, the reimbursement may be held-up, or the claimant may not be reimbursed at all. By eliminating paper forms and providing an automated system, RoadCash will win more workers reimbursement.

“RoadCash helps American workers claim – and win – what they are entitled to. It makes the situation fairer and brings justice to thousands of injured workers in need”, added Ehrlich.

RoadCash is an app that helps workers to claim reimbursement for travel costs incurred due to work related injuries or health issues. The process eliminates paperwork and bureaucracy, helping workers to claim the funds they are entitled to under state and national law. RoadCash helps American workers claim what they are entitled to, bringing fairness and justice to thousands of injured workers in need.

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