South Carolina Workers Compensation Mileage & Travel Reimbursement

We asked various questions regarding the South Carolina workers compensation mileage and travel reimbursement processes:

Questions Asked

1. Is there a reimbursement for travel expenses? Car, taxi, bus, train, etc.

2. What is the current workers comp mileage rate?

3. Is there a specific mileage reimbursement form?

4. Where can I find the workers comp mileage reimbursement form?

5. How do I submit the mileage reimbursement form? What’s the process? Email/fax/mail?

6. How long does it generally take to receive your transportation reimbursement?

7. What is the follow up process if my transportation reimbursement is not received?

Answer Received

The Commission doesn’t provide forms for these reimbursements but the actual carrier/payer may have a form they’ve created to use and submission guidelines. You would need to contact them for further information. The fee schedule does state a 30-day payment policy from date of submission.

We also post mileage on our website at

All State Reimbursement Forms Can be Found Here

See the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission
(SCWCC) web site for the current travel reimbursement

January 1, 2016 amount per mile is $0.54

An injured worker who travels more than five (5) miles one
way to receive medical care is entitled to collect for travel
expenses. Injured workers may submit a brief request for
reimbursement to the insurance carrier indicating the date,
miles, and destination of travel. In cases in which total and permanent
disability results, reasonable and necessary nursing services,
medicines, prosthetic devices, sick travel, medical,
hospital, and other treatment or care shall be paid during
the life of the injured employee, without regard to any
limitation in this title including the maximum
compensation limit.

67-1601 Expenses Incurred in Receiving Medical
Treatment, Reimbursement.
A. The expenses incurred for travel to receive medical
attention which shall be reimbursed to the claimant are:
(1) Mileage to and from a place of medical attention
which is more than five miles away from home in
accordance with the amount allowed state employees
for mileage; and
(2) Actual cost of expenses incurred in using public
transportation; and
(3) Actual cost of reasonable overnight lodging and
B. The claimant shall receive reimbursement from the
employer’s representative.

Above Answers Provided By

Bridgette B. Amick
Medical Policy Analyst
SC Workers’ Compensation Commission

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