Top Workers’ Compensation Fraud Videos

There are many different types of workers’ compensation fraud. Most workers’ compensation fraud is committed by doctors, “injured” workers and business owners. Below we listed a few of the most insane instances of worker’s compensation fraud caught on camera.

1. In this example of workers’ comp fraud out of Fort Lauderdale, a woman picked up a sprinkler head after it had fallen on her desk, then hit herself in the head with it to stage an on-the-job injury.

2. Ever wonder what happens when you get caught committing workers’ compensation fraud? Check out the video below.

3. This lady was caught on the price is right. Does she seem too injured to work?

4. Even Beauty Queens can commit fraud. She was collecting compensation checks while competing in beauty pageants.

5. In this video an undercover video exposed 12 people who were milking the system. Investigators traced millions of dollars going to those who faked injuries or found loopholes.

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