Wisconsin Workers Compensation Mileage & Travel Reimbursement

We asked various questions regarding the Wisconsin workers compensation mileage and travel reimbursement processes:

Questions Asked & Answers Received

1. Is there a reimbursement for travel expenses? Car, taxi, bus, train, etc.
Yes, the rate since July 1, 2012, regardless of date of injury or mode of transportation, has been $.51/mile (51 cents per mile).

2. What is the current workers comp mileage rate?

See above

3. Is there a specific mileage reimbursement form?

4. Where can I find the workers comp mileage reimbursement form?

5. How do I submit the mileage reimbursement form? What’s the process? Email/fax/mail?
“The insurance representative on your claim is the first point of contact on all of these questions.”

6. How long does it generally take to receive your transportation reimbursement?
“The insurance representative on your claim is the first point of contact on all of these questions.”

7. What is the follow up process if my transportation reimbursement is not received?
If there is a breakdown or denial or if you have more questions, you may call the Division for questions and options. Our number is 608-266-1340, press 1 if you have a touch-tone phone, and then press 0 and ask to speak to a specialist. Our office hours are 7:45 am to 4:30 pm, weekdays, excluding holidays.

All State Reimbursement Forms Can be Found Here

Above Answers Provided By

Bruce M. Green
Dispute Resolution Specialist
State of Wisconsin, Worker’s Comp. Division
Department of Workforce Development
201 East Washington Avenue (GEF 1, C100)
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

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