Workers Comp Travel Reimbursement Answers by a California Workers Comp Attorney

1. How many injured workers do you represent?

Current active cases unsettled is about 1,000

2. Do you help them submit their travel reimbursement?

Yes our firm does provide them with the form and submits and follows up on them with the adjuster.

3. Do most injured workers know about their entitlement to be reimbursed for mileage and additional travel expenses?

My estimate is about 50% do.

4. What appointments are reimbursable? Ex: IMEs, Hearings, pharmacy, attorney, all doctor visits?

Per California Labor Code they are reimbursed for medical mileage, Attorney visits and court appearances are NOT reimbursed. Travel to and from a deposition of the injured work is also reimbursed.

5. What isn’t reimbursable?

Court appearance or attorney office visits.

6. Do most claimants in California submit their transportation reimbursement? (opinion)

Don’t know what percentage but believe a lot do not request reimbursement.

7. Is taking the subway reimbursable?

California reimburses only based on mileage, accepted by agreement with insurance company. i.e. pay for a monthly bus pass instead.

8. Is taking a taxi reimbursable? (do injured workers need letter of medical necessity).

Any other transportation such as Uber or Taxi would be by agreement and Medical necessity from the injured workers’ treating doctor.

9. Do injured workers need help from an attorney?

I think so, but the latest stats I saw was only about 17% of all loss time cases were represented by a attorney in California.

10. What is the largest issue you see in the travel reimbursement process?

Getting the clients to do it and getting the adjuster to cross reference the reimbursement dates with the doctor visit reports dates to verify. Then getting the adjuster to pay without hounding them.

11. Do attorneys get paid to help claimants submit their reimbursement?


12. How long, in general, does the reimbursement process take?

We tell our client to complete them and file them ever 30 days and to send us a copy. Those don’t take more than a few minutes of clerical find time. If we are doing it it can take hours to get all the dates of services from the doctor office to prepare the forms for the client to sign. We only do this in may be 5% of the cases

13. What’s the follow up process if not reimbursed?

We wait for the client to call and tell us they have not been paid, then we start with emailing the adjuster, or calling the Defense Attorney

14. Is there a form you can submit for a hearing to receive your travel reimbursement, if not paid?

We can file a Declaration of Readiness DOR for medical treatment, i.e. medical mileage to obtain a hearing.

15. Is there a penalty due if not reimbursed in a specific time limit (such as 60 days)?

Yes, 10% but you are required to send a letter of notification, then if not paid file a petition.

16. Does the travel reimbursement have to be submitted on the CA reimbursement form?

No, detailed start point, end point, mileage and purpose.

17. Does the form have to be signed?


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All State Reimbursement Forms Can be Found Here

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