Workers’ Compensation Reimbursement Forms

When it comes to workers’ compensation there can be many confusing laws, creating a hard to navigate industry for newly injured workers. Essentially, workers’ compensation is a legal system and many times requires consulting with an attorney. Worker’s compensation law varies on a state-by-state basis. One law that varies by state is your entitlement to a transportation reimbursement. Below we have provided the various workers’ compensation transportation reimbursement forms for US states.

1. California

2. Pennsylvania

3. Connecticut

4. Florida

5. Georgia

6. Idaho

7. Maine

8. Massachusetts

9. Michigan

10. Minnesota

11. Virginia

12. Texas

13. Washington

14. Nevada

15. New Mexico

16. New York

17. North Carolina

18. North Dakota

19. Missouri

20. Oklahoma

21. Oregon

22. South Carolina

23. Texas

24. Vermont

25. Virginia

26. Washington

27. West Virginia

These forms were very difficult to locate. If you can find any forms we missed, feel free to share them or send us a message.

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